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Happy Birthday Pat
from daughter Eileen.
She sends love on your special day
though she can’t really be seen.

You are blessed with children.
I hear you’ve had eight.
One for every decade.
Wow! That’s really great!

How did you ever find time to write
your short stories and poems dear woman?
Eight children… eight children are so loud
when they’re together.
Yet, you’ve stormed the weather.

Oh, please, you must congratulate yourself
for living life thus far.
Eileen says you thought you wouldn’t.

But you did! But you did!
And that’s really awesome.
We are glad that you did!
So let’s have some fun.

You are so humble,
But we are not, so we are going to shout it from the rooftops
Don’t be embarrassed
Don’t call the cops. We all sing

Happy Birthday Pat
from all the world today:
Michael, Maureen, Marybeth, Eileen,
Kathleen, Jackie, Patrick, Annmarie.

Happy Birthday dear Pat!
And many more years.
Prosperity and good health
we wish to you today.
Happy Birthday!

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