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Boy was THIS fun!

Angela loves “O Sole Mio” and Enrico Caruso. I am told she used to sing opera around the house all the time when here kids were little. It seems Angela was a bit of a prankster at that time as well. She convinced her son that she was the featured soloist at the Christmas concert at his elementary school by having the school secretary, who was a friend, print a fake program. He was horrified.

It seems her children have now returned the favor by hiring me to sing for her birthday. On my way from the car to Francesca’s Bellezza Restaurant, a few people looked at my Gondolier get up and smiled in the way a person smiles when they think someone is really out there cuckoo. Guilty!

I entered the restaurant and addressed Angela like an old friend with whom I sang in Venice’s canals and auditioned at La Fenice. I sang a few licks from her favorite song and we all joined in a round of “Happy Birthday.” She was a trooper and everyone laughed.

Happy Birthday, Angela! You’re my kind of gal!

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