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This morning’s telegram was delivered to a room in the Renaissance Hotel to an opera lover in front of her family who were all visiting from Mexico City. I left the car in front of the hotel with the gracious valet. The blonde woman at the front desk complemented my hair and called Bernardo to let him know I was on my way up. I went up to the 15th floor, was greeted by Sandra with a warm hug, and sang “Las Mañanitas,” as is customary for a birthday celebration, and a little ditty from Rigoletto. She exclaimed “¡Que voz!” and asked me questions in beautifully-spoken Italian. She wanted to know where I was from (probably because there is some left over accent from the Argentine character I just played). Once they found out I was Chicago-born, their two children spoke equally-beautiful English. I wished her a happy birthday and went back to my car. The valet commented on how quick I was to return. I tipped him for being so awesome and plugged in directions to the 11.30 telegram. What gorgeous folks and what a great way to start the morning!

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