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Ann’s father’s favorite aria comes from Madama Butterfly by Puccini. So Madama Butterball (via Rose’s break from Die Meistersinger at Lyric Opera) flew in to deliver a special message to Ann at Tre Kronor on Chicago’s north side.

Wagner’s Meistersinger is 5.5 hours long. Rose delivered the telegram between the time from just after her exit from chorale at the top of the opera and her next entrance for the fight scene in the second act.  She got out of costume and wig, signed out, drove to to Tre Kronor, delivered an the singing telegram as Madama Butterball, drove back to the opera house, picked up dinner from Cosi, signed back in, got back into costume and wig, and still had about an hour before the fight scene to eat her dinner. Thanks, Wagner!

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