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While we encourage people to schedule services at least 24 hours in advance, sometimes we get a request to make a delivery later on in the day. Today was one of those days, and we are happy to accommodate, when possible.

Julie works with several people in a busy customer service center. The phones were ringing off the hook and the room was filled with energy before I approached her station. I sang a little “Kill the Rabbit” tune to grab her attention (as if looking like a Viking woman wasn’t enough), made sure she was of legal age, then invited those who could, to join me in singing loud happy birthday song.

Many folks had the camera phones rolling. I wonder if I look 10 pounds heavier on their phones. I wonder if they were able to pick up my voice with all the laughing and cheering going on. I also wonder what reaction customers had to the wailing banshee noise they heard on the other end of phone conversations. Stop, Rose, stop! It’s all about Julie who, from the looks of it on my video, was smiling ear to ear. I suspect she either wanted to slap the person who sent me to her, or thank them for letting her know she is special, or both.

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