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Happy Birthday to you Karol
Whose legal name’s really Karl
‘Cause some folks called you a girl.
Happy Birthday to you, either way.

Hey, hey, don’t give up now!
Red Bull, like café, is real addictive.
We don’t want that Bell a Tollin’
‘cept when it’s sung by Metalica!

So you like to sing karaoke.
You’ve a great voice, that’s no joke-ie!
Tell us, does your sweet dog Shorty
Like to howl along with you, you, you?

Hey, do, you like cooking?
There is not a better way to have a
Great Wesołych Świąt than to
Eat fresh Eggplant Parmesian! Ha, ha!

So, you are a web developer.
But your passion? It lies elsewhere:
Behind the wheel of a race car!
That’s why you watch so much Formula 1!

Hey, Karl, you’re so much fun!
Thanks for being such a great sport
On this special day of yours, dear man.
Here’s to a very Happy Birthday, Hey!

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