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After having sung on a morning program at Ravinia, I drove to Michigan Avenue to deliver a special message to a special someone celebrating her 23rd birthday. The text was provided by my client and fit the occasion very well.

I still had my Wagnerian gear on as I traveled through the large building. While waiting for my car in the garage, a man engaged me in conversation. Both he and his wife wanted to know who I was and what I had been doing. After I gave my elevator speech in the garage, the man commented he wanted to send one to Rahm Emanuel. I sang Rahm’s name popping out a couple of high notes. They took my card, so who knows? Maybe® will be singing to the Mayor of Chicago soon?

Anyway, here are the lyrics to todays® in Person.

Katie, when you’re working we’re smiling
You make everyone feel so good
Your hands type our notes when we’re sinking
You know how to make Backstop sing

Katie, from the moment you joined us
All our troubles and hard times went away
You make our hotel reservations
Happy happy happy birthday

‘Cause you’re our Katie every morning
You bring us, our Wall Street Journals
You ask us, aisle or window?
You’re our Katie—-KATIE!

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