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Hear the complete interview here:
[audio:20090411_wls_landecker.mp3] 23 min. 57 sec.

Rose Guccione was on John Records Landecker’s show today at 12:30 p.m. She “thanked” him with this operatic message:

“Records” is your real middle name:
It’s in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
But your membership in Girl Scouts
Just makes me want to twist and shout.

You ruled nightime for nine hot years.
Your “Boogie Check” drove me to tears.
You’re a fun guy. Can I join you
and your band? That would be really cool!

O John! O John! You are the bomb!

Rose Guccione, John Records Landecker
…with John Records Landecker

“Ah! Sweet Mystery!”

Ending on a High Note

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