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Lily, you’ve turned sixteen,
You’re Babbo’s beauty queen.
I don’t know where to start,
This is straight from my heart.

On the day you were born,
I held you in my arms,
You pooped into my hand,
Making your entrance grand.

I loved you anyway,
I love you still today,
Watching you grow has been
My greatest joy, my greatest joy.

Para Paroonsee
Andiam, Andiam we sing,
I hear Milava’s voice,
I feel my heart take wing.

Now as I look at you,
A woman blossoms thru
Excel in all you do,
true Muzzarelli true!

My how the years flew by,
In the blink of fathers eye,
Ti voglio bene,
My greatest joy, my greatest joy!

Lily, there’s one more gift,
Under your pillow,
Happy Birthday my dear,
From loving Babbo!

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