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We celebrate you, Sharon,
and your successful life
a mother of two children
and Marshall’s gorgeous wife.

So much you have achieved
as RN with PhD
a force behind the VA
Nursing Academy
and Residency Program, and
a mentor to so many

Thank you for all you do.
Sending much love to you.

1930 - American Legion Auxiliary - 1931

1930 – American Legion Auxiliary – 1931 In honor of our sons, our husbands, our brothers and father who answered the call to arms in 1917-1918, this memorial fountain is given to Edward Hines Jr. Memorial Hospital by the Cook County Council of the American Legion Auxiliary.

I have not been to Hines V.A. Hospital since I was a little girl. My father brought me with him to visit a friend who was hospitalized there because he had lost his legs in war. My father bought some leather goods from the man. I do not know who the man was or how my father knew him. I just did a lot of observing when I was little.

Today I went to the very same building to deliver a singing telegram at a retirement party for the Chief of Education. I felt a little emotional – not only because of the memory it evoked, but because I had done a bit of additional research on the honoree and was moved by her contribution to support and foster nursing education, nursing practice, and nursing research toward providing empathetic care of the men and women who serve their country, and, in particular, to better understand issues involving PTSD and suicide risk.

Dianna had been mentored by Sharon and, though she now works in Nevada, wanted to honor Sharon. She ordered the singing telegram about one month ago. Tanya guided me by cell phone as to where the hospital was because it now sits among many buildings on the large campus. She met me in front of the building and escorted me to the room where the event was held.

The room was filled with many smiling faces which broke into laughter as I walked across the room. I delivered the telegram which evoked laughter and tears. Sharon sang a “thank you” which was adorable. I then led in a round of “For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow.”

A man by the name of Mike escorted me out. As I walked to my car in the huge parking lot, a man yelled out of his car at me. When you’re built like me, and you’re walking in a blond wig, Viking helmet and spear, you don’t worry about anyone mugging you. This frees me up to be silly. I sang a couple of high notes and he yelled “I’m German and I would totally marry you” which cracked me up. I noticed his license plate read “WASCAL” – quite apt.

I get to my car, and a group of vets are sitting at a picnic table. One yells out “sing for us!” I pumped out a couple more high notes. Another vet yelled out “you got it, baby!” Still another walked around the table and said “I just wanted to see what you looked like. Mmm, MMM!” Hilarious!

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