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Happy Birthday to you Jeannie
from Karena (what a “meanie”!).
She knows secrets and has shared
all she knows. Aren’t you scared?

Your favorite music: hymns…
simple hymns.
And you like Rachmaninoff,
Brahms, Sibelius…
okay, more than hymns.

Now, more personal:
You have cold feet
and you take good care of your teeth.
Nazi… sleep
Bed-ie-bye time’s early.

That’s a good thing
‘cause dear Caitlin’s
Learning how to drive the car.
Ian loves you to read
while you rub Cait’s back.
and Ian loves to talk
when all hit the sack.

What could be behind this yearning
to sleep early? Is it learning?
“Yes!” is the answer to this question, Jeanie.
As a therapist and interpreter
of people and of their dreams,
it would seem to make sense, Jeanie.

You are cuddly and insightful.
You are easy to pamper
and to make smile from the heart.
You are loved in a deep, special, wonderful way.

Happy Birthday to you Jeanie.
And now we stop here
‘cause it is time to eat.

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